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Find out what inspired and compelled Joanne Valdez to run for Councilor.

Watch this video and listen as Jo talks about her passion and desire to be part of the solution rather than just be one of those who complain about the shortcomings and inadequacies of the government.

Hear what Joanne Valdez is planning for Candon City.

We deserve good servant-leaders. – Admin

Joanne Valdez Up Close – 1st interview with DZMM Teleradyo’s Sa Kabukiran on 29 Nov 2015

Joanne Valdez Up Close – 1st interview with DZMM Teleradyo’s Sa Kabukiran on 29 Nov 2015. In this interview, Joanne passionately spoke about her job as a Video Documentarian, and how she has worked with different NGOs to create informative videos that deliver strong messages on various topics, creating awareness or highlighting a need for attention or gov’t assistance. She mentioned that although she works in Manila, she is not a City Girl – “Probinsyana po talaga ako” she quipped. – Admin

Joanne Valdez’ 2nd interview with DZMM Teleradyo’s Sa Kabukiran 13 Dec. 2015.

In this interview, Joanne was shown promoting Candon City’s Food Products, in particular, Cornick. Joanne explained the different varieties and flavors and how they were prepared.

Joanne’s Personal Statement

Those who have less in life should have more in law. You can see a lot of people in Candon who are impoverished, uneducated, unemployed, and sick. This should not be the case because there is enough money for quality schools, hospitals, and livelihood package, if only funds are used properly. It's about time that we enact laws that protect and promote the welfare of the public, most especially the poor. It's about time that the poor and marginalized groups, women, youth, farmers, workers, and PWDs, be allowed to identify and implement projects that really respond to their needs. It's about time for the city government to serve the public. I am Joanne Valdez and I will push for laws that will make these a reality for us, the poor and marginalized.

“Dagiti nakurapay ti biagna ket isuda koma ti naipangpangrona ti linteg. Saan a mailibak iti censo ti Candon nga adu kadagiti umili nga marigrigat, saan nga naka-adal, awan pagsapulanna, ken masaksakit. Saan koma nga kastoy ti sitwasyon kadagitoy nga umili ta ada met naananay nga pondo tapno igawat ti gobyerno tayo nga mangipasdek koma ti de-kalidad nga eskwelaan, ospital, ken pagsapulan no koma naaramat nga nasayaat dagiti pondo a kwarta ti umili. Napagtengen ti kanito nga mangpanday dagiti linteg nga mangisakit ken mangiduron ti pagsayaatan ti kaadwan a masekanan, kangrunaan na la unay dagiti marigrigat. Kadagitoyen ti aldaw nga dakayo nga adda ti saad ti kababaan nga sector ti ekonomiya tayo ken saad ti panagbiagna kas kadagiti bab-bai, agtutubo, mannalon, ken addaan sakit ken kapansanan na – mapalubosan kayton ken mawayawaya-an nga mangiyebkas ken mangiduron dagiti proyekto nga inkay kasapulan ti panangbiagyo ken makimaysa ti umili nga mangsukisok ti pagsayaatan ti umili. Daytoy ti panawen ken aldaw tapno ti gobyerno tayo ti ciudad ti Candon ket agservi para ti umili. Maymaysa tay amin a naituding a Candonian – awan ti foreign citizen, awan ti Muslim, Kapampangan, Bicolano wenno Tagalog no agnanaed ka ti Candon, awan ti maipadpadisi gapu ta awan kabaelam ti biag wenno napanglaw ka, awan ti baknang wenno napadayawan nga apelyido ken estado ti biagna, awan ti naipangpagruna a pagserbiyak, saan nga gapu ta kalaban ka ti politika wenno addaka ti panig ti kalaban a partido – ta sika ken siak ket maymaysa nga umili ti Candon ket sika ket makunkuna a CANDONIAN. Siak ni JOANNE VALDEZ, annakyo nga amma ken inna ti ili tay a Candon, kabsat dagiti annak, apo ti umili. Ti itedyo nga talek nga mangipatugaw kanniak ti uneg ti gobyerno tayo a Candon ket ikarigatak nga paaddaen ken inkay nanamen ti karbengan ken pagsayaatan ti kaadwan."